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Monday January 11- Practice delivering your speeches. You must deliver your speech to two people outside of our class. Ask them for feedback. Fill out your peer speech form with the advice or comments provided by the two people to whom you deliver your speech.

Friday January 8- The final draft of your speech is due. Bring a printed copy. Upload a copy to Speech Resources Speech Writing and Delivery Public Speaking Skills

Tuesday January 5- Draft of speech is due. Submit to Bring a printed copy to class.

Speech Resources

Monday, January 4- Make certain to have a topic for your speech.

Wednesday December 23- Final draft of Poverty Essay is due. Submit the essay to

Tuesday December 22- Make certain your Impressive Speech blog entry is complete.

Tuesday December 15- Read the comments your classmates provided on your essay. Review the readings, videos and other resources on the Poverty wiki page. Prepare a plan for revising your essay. Write the steps of your plan on the paper.

Monday December 14- Complete and upload your poverty essay to Print a copy of your poverty essay. Bring it to class.

Wednesday December 9- Come prepared to work on your poverty essay.

Tuesday December 8- Review the reading and responses on poverty. Decide what you want to say about poverty in an essay that incorporates at least two sources from our poverty unit. You must create an arguable thesis. Poverty

Monday December 7- Read "Dumpster Diving". With well written sentences on a separate sheet of paper, answer 1-8 comprehension questions.

Friday December 4- Write your response to
"On Compassion" by Barbara Lazear Ascher and "Homeless" by Anna Quindlen

Wednesday December 2- Create a thesis statement for your response to "On Compassion" by Barbara Lazear Ascher and "Homeless" by Anna Quindlen. Make certain the thesis statement is arguable.

Tuesday December 1- Review
Actively read"On Compassion" by Barbara Lazear Ascher.

Tuesday November 24- Read and annotate "Homeless" by Anna Quindlen.

Monday November 23- Write a response to
What is Poverty? Make certain to have a thesis. Support your thesis with specifics from the reading.

Thursday November 19- Read and annotate What is Poverty? Make certain to have a thesis. Support your thesis with details from the reading.

Wednesday November 18-Write a response to Nickle and Dimed. Make certain to have a thesis that you support in your response. Bring a printed typed copy to class. Your response should be one page typed double spaced.

Tuesday November 17 Review "Nickel and Dimed" by Barbara Ehrenreich. Write in blue, black ink or type a list of five different key points Ehrenreich makes in her article. Next to each key point write down the paragraph number that supports/ explains the point. Mark this in the text so that you can refer to it easily during class discussion.

Rhetorical Modes

Monday November 16- Read and annotate "Nickel and Dimed" by Barbara Ehrenreich. Mark the text. Write down your thoughts and questions as you read.

Friday November 13- Final draft of the education essay is due. Upload to Bring drafts to class.
Educational Writing Prompt packet
MLA Information

Wednesday November 11- Come prepared with a printed draft of your education essay.

Tuesday November 10- Review the feedback from your peers and your teacher. Revise your essay. Your VOICE should be clear. Submit a copy to Print a copy. Bring both drafts to class.

Monday November 9- Complete the assignment on Google Classroom. Make certain to carefully select the criteria for the synthesis essay rubric.

Friday November 6- MLA formatted education essay is due today. Make certain that you bring a printed copy of the paper. Make certain to upload the paper to

Educational Writing Prompt packet
MLA Information

Wallace, David Foster. This Is Water. N.p.: Casey Marshall, 2005. PDF.

Thursday November 5- MLA works cited page is due. Find four to five quotes from two different sources that are relevant to your essay. Mark the quotes. Determine where the material in your paper would connect to the information from the text.

Educational Writing Prompt packet
Create your works cited page.
Work on your essay. The essay with citations and works cited page is due on Friday.
Educational essay rubric

Monday November 2- Complete the exercises in the Educational Writing Prompt packet.

Friday October 30- Read "What Makes a Good School" by Jim McGuire. Mark the text. Write down your thoughts- What do you agree with? Does Morgan have these characteristics?

Thursday October 29- Answer the questions on David Foster Wallace "This is Water".

Wednesday October 28- Read "The Sanctuary or School" by Lynda Barry. Answer: What does Barry value in education? What pledge does she want the country to say back to the children?

Monday October 26- Read "Schools for Wisdom". Answer the questions on the handout.

Thursday October 22- Actively read "In College, Working Hard to Learn High School Material". Answer questions 1-5 (page 2) with well written sentences in blue or black ink.

Tuesday October 20th- Read "Class Dismissed" and "Let Teenagers Try Adulthood". Answer the questions with well written sentences in blue or black ink.

Thursday October 15- Assessment- What are the qualities of an exceptional college essay?

Due Tuesday October 13- Bring in a prompt from one of your college application essays. Include word count. Write down your ideas for writing this essay. Consider what we have discussed about college essays.

Due Friday October 8- Find an image to share. The assignment is posted on Google Classroom.

Due Wednesday October 7- Revise letter of recommendation. Bring the draft, the rubric and the final copy to class. Revise and perfect your college essay. Submit to Bring a print copy to class.

Due Tuesday October 6- Letter of recommendation for a classmate- printed copy of letter. Bring student's resume. Letter of Recommendation Resources

Due Monday October 5- Complete peer and self review of the personal essays on the peermark assignment.

Due Friday October 2- Revise personal essay. Submit to

For Thursday October 1- Bring your revised resume to class. Staple the resume on top of your first draft. Attach the rubric to the front.

For Tuesday September 29th- Review comments on your personal essay on Write down any questions you have. Begin planning your revision.

Due Monday September 28- Revise and perfect resume. Submit to Google Classroom.

Due Thursday September 24th- Create a chart that lists all of your activities, athletics, awards, skills, work, volunteer involvement, church activities, etc. You determine the categories. Include dates and length of involvement. Submit the assignment to Google Classroom. Bring a printed copy to class.

Due Wednesday September 23rd- Revise your college essay. Upload the revised essay to

Monday September 21- Make certain your three college comparison is thorough and complete. Continue working on your college essay.

Thursday September 17- Bring a complete draft of your college essay. Submit to turnitin.comBring a printed copy of your essay to class.

Tuesday September 15- Write a minimum of one paragraph of a personal essay. Type the paragraph. Save it to Google Docs. BRING A PRINTED COPY TO CLASS.

Friday September 11- Bring three photos of yourself from three different stages of your life. You can bring a digital copy on your phone or computer or a physical copy.

Thursday September 10- Read the college essay and blog entry of the classmate assigned to you. In a comment to their post, add to what the student stated about the college essay. Explain why you disagree or agree with their assessment. Consider the introduction. Consider how the author shows rather than tells. Rubric for Blog Comment

Wednesday September 9- Complete the Impressive College Essay blog assignment.

Tuesday September 8- Find two essays that impress you and impress college admissions officers. Save the title and link next to your name on the Google Doc. Make certain no one else has the same essays as you. The Google Doc and the links to the essay are on Google Classroom.

Due Thursday September 3- Complete survey on Google Classroom. Add our class to Review the FAQs, the units of study and the other resources above. Come to class with any questions you have about the course.