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SAT Practice

College Board- Take Practice SAT tests. Register for the test.

Kahn Academy SAT targeted practice

Number2.com is a free SAT practice site. Register at this site with your email address. Name me as your coach. I will give you credit for all the practice work you complete on this site. You need to name me as a coach through my email lchausse@clintonpublic.org. I look forward to seeing your progress on the SAT practice. Go to the link below to sign up for this practice test.

Pro Profs offers SAT cram sheets, practice exercises and other tips and suggestions.

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ACT Test Dates

ACT Registration

Sample ACT Test Questions

Sample ACT Writing Prompt and Sample Essays- The ACT essay is optional. Students should take the essay portion.

The New ACT Writing Prompt - Prep Scholar


Comparing the SAT to the ACT

Comparing the SAT to the ACT score