Blog Etiquette Guidelines
The following is a list of guidelines to follow when posting on our class blog. Following these guidelines will ensure a safe and productive learning experience for all!
1. Do not provide personal information such as last name, phone number, or address of you or anyone else.

2. Do not copy anything posted on our class blog to post on social media.

3. Engage in healthy debate, but do not insult or attack your classmates. Classroom rules and consequences on respect and appropriate language apply to the blog as well.

4. Always make sure you check over your post for errors in spelling, grammar, mechanics, and usage. Fix errors before you publish your comment.

5. Whenever possible, include references to the text to support your ideas.

6. Do not make generalizations. Include concrete examples only.

7. Remember that this is a class assignment and not a social forum. Keep posts and discussions focused on the assignment at hand, not on your weekend plans.

8. Ask questions! If you do not understand a comment that someone made; politely post a question. This is a great way to generate discussion!