Summer Reading: The Butterfly Mosque by G. Willow Wilson

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G. Willow Wilson The Butterfly Mosque

Excerpt - Engagement in Cairo published May 28, 2010, in New York Times

Beneath the Veil- an interview with G. Willow Wilson

Bridging Cultures Muslim Journeys

Past Monthly: G. Willow Wilson

Heart and Soul Boston University interview

Muslim/ Airline Incidents

Muslim Airlines Denies It Discriminated Against Muslim Passenger Huffington Post July 21, 2016

Muslim passenger kicked off American Airlines flight after flight attendant announces: ' I'll Be Watching You' Independent July 20, 2016

2 Muslim American Women Ordered Off American Airlines Flight- August 5, 2016, New York Times

Local Muslim Couple removed from Delta flight: 'It Was Humiliating',, August 5, 2016

Burkini Controversy

Beach Season Winds Down But Burkini Debate Rages on in France-NPR , September 7, 2016

"Is France Right to Ban the Burkini?" Huffington Post September 3, 2016, by Josef V. Micallef

"Burkini Ban in Nice Overturned by French Court" CNN by Lauren Said-Morehouse, September 2, 2016

"The Burkini Ban Represents Everything That is Wrong about France's Approach to Minorities", The Nation, by Michelle Chen, September 2, 2016

"French Mayors Refuse to Lift Burkini Ban Despite High Courts Ruling" The Guardian Angelique Chrisafis August 28, 2016

"From Bikinis to Burkinis, Regulating What Women Wear" New York Times by Alissa J. Rubin August 27, 2016

"Court Suspends Burkini Ban in French Town" by Aurelien Breeden

"At the Beach in My Burkini" New York Times by Romaissa Benzizoune August 28, 2016

"French 'Burkini' Bans Provide Backlash as Armed Police Confront Beachgoers"
New York Times by Alissa J Rubin August 24, 2016

" 'Burkini Inventor' Says Sales Have Skyrocket On Heels of Controversy"
New York Times by Mike Ives August 24, 2016

"Third French Bans Burkini Swimwear after Beach Brawl" by Kim Wilshire, LA Times Hartford Courant August 18, 2016==

"France has the Burkini Blues" by Roger Cohen August 18, 2016

"Fighting for the 'Soul of France,' More Towns Ban a Bathing Suit: The Burkini" by Alissa J. Rubin NYT August 17, 2016

"Middle Aged White men Like Me Have No Right To Tell Women Not To Wear the Burkini" by Samuel Osborne, Alexandra Sims Independent August 17, 2016

11 Tweets That Sum Up the Absurdity of Burkini Ban by Antonia Blumberg August 17, 2016, Huffington Post
external image 325b2820-648d-11e6-980e-6b034e50fa0b_this.gif "French 'burkini ban': Seclusion or Security?" AlJazeera August 17, 2016

"Italy Refuses to Ban Burkini Fearing Law Could Spark Terror Attack" by Katie Mansfield Express August 18, 2016

"Businessman offers to pay Burkini Fines" by Letitia Jiju, Special to Gulf New News France

Flemish-Morrocan Politician calls for Burkini Ban in Belgium By Ezzoubeir Jabrane - August 18, 2016 , 1:13 pm Morroco World News

Opinion: French Burkini Ban is Political DW August 16, 2016

Burkini Banned in Water Park in Catalonia Al Arabiya English August 17, 2016

France's Burkini Bigotry - Opinion NYT The Editorial Board August 18, 2016

Should France Ban the Burkini? Letters to the Editor NYTimes August 19, 2016

Germany, Like France, Questions Place of Islamic Veils in Its Society by Alison Smale NYT August 19, 2016

Why are the Burkini and Burqa being banned? CNN August 19, 2016, by Bianca Briton - includes map of countries that ban Burqas

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Terror Attacks in France

Nice Attack: What We Know About the Bastille Day Killings BBC August 19, 2016

Why France Has Become the Number One Target for Terrorism Time July 15, 2016

Why Does France Keep Getting Attacked? The Guardian July 15, 2016

"Timeline: Attacks in France" July 26, 2016, BBC



Muslim Cemeteries in the U.S.

Muslims Seek New Burial Ground NYT , and a Small Town Balks NYT August 28, 2016, by Jess Bidgood

Muslim Funeral Practices by Timothy Peckinpaugh, studioD

America's Muslim Cemetary Builders 'Flabergasted' That Many Americans Oppose Muslim Cemeteries

"Islamophobic Backlash Over Muslim Burials Across the U.S." April 28, 2016

Muslims in America Politics Today

"Portraying Muslims as a Threat to Women, Donald Trump Echoes 'Us vs. Them' Refrain" The Interpreter, by Amanda Taub, NYT, August 1
Extreme Vetting- BBC August 16, 2016

Khizr Khan's Speech

Khizr Khan's Speech DNC

"Khans thank Islamic Convention attendees, warn assault on community will outlast convention"

- Sept. 3, 2016- Chicago Tribute by Grace Wong

Donald Trump interview with George Stephanopoulos ABC News July 2016

n Tribute to Son, Khiri Khan Offered Citizenship Lesson at Convention by Richard A. Oppel, Jr. NYT July 29, 2016

Muslim in America

American Muslims in the United States

The Right Way to Observe Ramadan by Mustafa Akyol NYT June 5, 2016

Raising American Muslim Kids in the Age of Trump by Wajahat Ali NYT August 6, 2016

Ms. Marvel Delivers Real-World Punch Against Islamophobia and Hate Speech by A. DAVID LEWIS for ISLAMiCommentary on JANUARY 28, 2015

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Muslims in America Huffington Post April 6, 2015

Aasif Mandvi Riffs About Being Muslim in America

The Definitive Guide to Being a Muslim Aasif Mandvi

Halal in the Family - web series sitcom parody of All-American Muslim family

Islamophobia: Understanding Anti-Muslim Sentiment in the United States Gallup

American Sniper:anti-Muslim threats skyrocket in the wake of film's release The Guardian January 24, 2015